Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants provide 4,300 total primary and secondary jobs in Ohio. A nuclear plant employs, on average, 500 more individuals than a natural gas power plant. The loss of good-paying jobs will have negative economic impacts on a wide array of local businesses, such as restaurants and grocery stores; not just the plant workers and their families.

If the two plants remained open, with no further government funding cuts or intervention, they are an almost guaranteed source of employment. Davis-Besse has a 20-year license extension set to expire April 22, 2037 and Perry’s license does not expire until 2026. That is over ten years of income, GDP, and tax revenue forever lost to the state of Ohio and over ten years of revenue drain from the surrounding communities that will feel the effects the hardest.

First Energy Solutions, the company that runs the two nuclear facilities, spends over $45M a year on Ohio-based professional contractor services and locally sourced materials. All the many Ohio companies that directly or indirectly receive revenue and contracts from Davis-Besse and Perry plants will suffer a significant slash in business.

Nuclear plant jobs are high-skilled and high-paying and are a crucial part of the Ohio job ecosystem.