Nuclear power makes the least impact on Ohio’s environment out of any widely used electricity generation source. Letting endangered nuclear plants in Ohio close would be the equivalent of adding 2 million cars to the roads.

Without the availability of nuclear energy in Ohio, the amount of electricity generated a year through other forms of energy would have resulted in 12 million tons of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases and pollution that would cost over $600 million per year. Nuclear power currently represents 90% of zero-emission electricity in Ohio. A common misconception is the smoke coming from a plant is polluting the air. Did you know the “smoke” coming out of a nuclear plant is actually harmless water vapor? Nuclear energy causes far less damage to the atmosphere than fossil fuels.

The nuclear plants also serve as their own ecosystems. Over 850 acres of natural forests and marshes surrounding the Perry plant are home to diverse wildlife. The facility has been accredited as an Urban Wildlife Sanctuary by the National Institute of Urban Wildlife. Davis-Besse maintains the Navarre Marsh wetlands: 733 acres of land adjacent to the operation as part of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Nuclear energy provides clean energy, clean air, and a clean Ohio.