Local communities will be hit hard by the loss of Davis-Besse and Perry plants, but the economic damage will reverberate throughout the state. If the plants close, Ohioans will find themselves choosing between raising taxes or cutting services such as schools, police, firefighters, and other first responders. Furthermore, the loss of high wage jobs will have negative economic impacts on a wide array of business, such as restaurants, grocery stores, plant suppliers and other retail businesses.

The closure of Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants would reduce Ohio’s GDP by $510 million annually. It is an effect that Ohioans would feel immediately. A recent study estimates a $35 dollar yearly increase on a typical Ohio resident’s electric bill between 2022-2029.

The repercussions of closing the two nuclear plants will not be concentrated to Ottawa and Perry county. That is why we are encouraging all citizens of Ohio to take action and tell their lawmakers to keep Davis-Besse and Perry open. The potential exists to secure additional license extensions that will allow these plants to stay open and powering the Ohio economy for decades to come.